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Sister-School Partnership with Washington Yu Ying Public Charter School (USA)

Yu Ying is a top tier English/Chinese PYP Immersion School in Washington, DC. First Lady Michelle Obama visited Yu Ying in 2014 before leaving for her trip to China. Yu Ying students also welcomed Chinese President Xi Jinping and First Lady Peng Liyuan during their US visit in 2015.

Daystar Academy, as a member of Ivy Education Group, is collaborating with this wonderful school through our sister-school partnership at various levels: student to student, teacher to teacher and parent to parent.

Visit WashingtonYuYing to learn more about our amazing sister-school.

Task Force Member: 1 Million Strong (US China Strong)

1 Million Strong is a national campaign to expand fivefold Mandarin language learning in US K-12 schools from approximately 200,000 to 1 million by 2020. Presidents Barack Obama and Xi Jinping announced this ambitious effort in 2015.

Our Chief Academic Officer, Ms. Elizabeth Hardage, is task force member of 1 Million Strong and is extremely passionate about helping helping more American at home and aboard, learn Chinese.

Visit The US-China Strong Foundation for more information at www.100kstrong.org

National Chinese Language Conference

The National Chinese Language Conference (NCLC) provides a high–profile platform for sharing new ideas and best practices in the fields of Chinese language teaching and learning, Chinese arts and culture, and U.S.–China educational exchange. The NCLC is organized by Asia Society and the College Board annually at different cities around the Unites StatesAsia Society. NCLC, 2016, Learn More.

Accessed September 2016.

In the Spring of 2016 Ivy Education Group’s Chief Academic Officer, Elizabeth Hardage, and Daystar Academy’s Elementary School Principal, Sue Ha, were presenters at the Asia Society’s National Chinese Language Conference in Chicago, Illinois, USA. They shared with participants at the conference more about the Ivy Education Bilingual Model® and presented with Washington Yu Ying Public Charter School on strategies for effective collaborations via sister-school partnerships.

Visit Asia Society for more information.


Founded in 2009, Design for Change is the largest global movement of children driving CHANGE in their own communities by unleashing their “I CAN” superpower. DFC equips children with the tools to be aware of the world around them, believe that they play a role in shaping that world, and take action toward a more desirable, sustainable future.

Ivy Education Group has established a close relationship with DFC’s founder Kiran Bir Sethi, and has embraced this movement across its 16 schools in China.


Based in Ahmdebad, India, DFC was launched by award-winning educator Kiran Bir Sethi. A designer by trade, Kiran first started the Riverside School because of her frustration with India’s education system. Using her vocational background, Kiran designed a practical curriculum that was user-based, and focused on quality of learning AND student well-being. With her FIDS process (Feel, Imagine, Do, Share) children follow a simple model which enable them to have the “I CAN” mindset

Flash forward 15 years and the Riverside School, DFC and Kiran have all been recipients of numerous awards, including the Rockefeller Foundation Youth Innovation Award (DFC), and Asia Society’s Asia Game Changer Award (Kiran). The Riverside School has also been consistently listed as one of India’s best performing schools.

DFC & Ivy Education Group

DFC and Ivy Education Group share a common vision-the belief that children can be change makers in their communities. In August 2015, Kiran was the keynote speaker at Ivy Education Group’s Annual Learning Conference. She passionately shared to our 500 educators and staff inspiring DFC stories of CHANGE from around the world. Participants also attended workshops led by Riverside staff and students on how to implement FIDS within a school.

In January 2016, key staff from Ivy Education Group also visited the Riverside School in Ahmedabad for an even closer look at FIDS in action.

Today, all of our 16 schools across China are implementing Design for Change. Already, our children are beginning to make an impact in their local communities. Ivy Education Group is also the proud organizing partner of DFC’s annual conference BE THE CHANGE, taking place December 10-11th at Daystar Academy in Beijing. So our partnership with DFC has started strong, and is here to stay.

To learn more about DFC, please go to www.dfcworld.com